Working From Home

Working From Home

Sounds luxurious doesn’t it – where you have the ability to wake when you want, sleep when you want, do things around your work? 

If you are someone who has worked from home for a long period of time, know that isn’t the truth. With millions of people losing their jobs or having to close their bricks and mortar business or offices, they have to pivot and make their spare room their new office where all the action happens.

Yet, if you are a mumpreneur, not only do you have your office at home, you will also have your kids at home too unless you are an essential worker. So, not only are you doing everything you can to manage your business and to keep it growing, but you also have to juggle homeschooling, feeding times, exercising the wildlings, and more. 

Being experienced not only in working from home but also homeschooling for nearly 3 years, here are some tips on how to be more productive working from home.

1. Your Own Space

Find a space that you can make your own. It might be a table, corner of a room, a whole room if you are lucky, and create firm boundaries with your family about what your expectations, needs, and wants are for your space. Are they allowed to touch your computer, pencils, or that highlighter that they are eyeing off even though they have 10,000 other colouring in pens and pencils

2. Find Your Rhythm.

When do you work best? Is it at night after everyone is asleep or early in the morning before everyone wakes up?

I wake up around 5-5:30 each morning, do my morning practices then smash out my most important jobs, not only because I don’t have as much distraction, but also so I feel accomplished. How well does it feel when you get 2-3 big things off your to-do list ticked off? So create a schedule for work, play, and rest to make sure you don’t end up with burnout.

3. Be Intentional

Working from home can get a little tricky because it’s totally up to you to prioritise and organise yourself and your work. I like to have focused work time on different tasks. This means I have a dedicated time for answering emails, dedicated time for working on the magazine, dedicated time for my co-author book, dedicated time for brainstorming, this means that everything that is important gets time each day and doesn’t get lost or left behind. It also means I’m completely focused on one thing at a time, as I have found I have a better capacity to finish something rather than start different tasks/projects that don’t get completed.

The Pomodoro technique works well for this. Click here to find out more how to practice the Pomodoro technique.

4. Family Time

Make sure to take time out for yourself away from the computer and to connect with your family.

From 7:00 am, I am in the kitchen with my family having breakfast, chatting, and getting everyone ready for our morning activity. Which for us is a morning run for my husband and daughter, whilst our other daughter and I ride our horses (check out the video below), and our son either runs or rides his motorbikes which we all do up the back of our property. For others, it might be exercising, playing outside or simply colouring in. Whatever it is, do it with your family to give them undivided attention. Remember to turn off your phone until you have finished.

5. Our Own Time

In our house, we have something called soul hour where we each have an hour to do what fills up our cup. For my son it will be playing the PS3 or watching a movie, my daughters love watching how-to videos on youtube, painting, playing with their dolls, as well as colouring in or playing a game. For me I love to read a book, paint, write, have a nap, watch an inspiring video, or listen to my latest audiobook.

6. Food for the soul

Make sure you have stocked up on healthy nutritious food and snacks to keep your energy flowing throughout the day. When you eat good food and drink good water you have more energy, focus, and attention. Have dedicated time for lunch which you can also create as time together with the family to talk about what everyone has been up to throughout the day and plan the afternoon.

7. Schedule time to be creative

Whether with your kids or by yourself allow yourself to be creative whether it is dancing, singing, painting, writing, crafting, and so on. Being creative helps you to become a better problem solver, helps you develop confidence within yourself and your ability as you grow your skills, gives you the opportunity to let go of control and allow flow into your day. I can’t tell you how giving myself permission to be creative has improved my mood, my business skills as well as giving me the opportunity to connect with my children through something that they love to do and isn’t a chore.

Let go of perfectionism.

8. Disconnect from Tech and connect to nature

Make getting outside a priority multiple times a day. We go for a family walk/run in the morning then we all get outside around 90mins of work. Not only do you get the goodness of the sun but also moving your body and being outside and getting the nurturing energy of mother nature (electromagnetic frequency) that has scientifically been proven to be highly beneficial for our wellbeing.

9. Know when to walk away

Whether it’s with work or kids there are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed and stressed. You aren’t a bad mother for losing your cool or feeling like giving up. If you feel that a situation is getting too much. Step back, breathe, and if need be walk away. Go and do something to help you reset and rebalance. I like to use Qoya Shaking for myself, meditating, going and sitting outside and deep breathing and patting my animals help me calm down so I can go back to what I was doing with a better frame of mind.

10. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. 

Right now everyone is going through their own experience with the world’s current environment, including yourself. Coming from kindness and compassion will help you to navigate this time with more ease rather than getting into fear or reacting to people negatively. Their actions are reflections of their inner world. Imagine receiving kindness from someone when your world is falling apart imagine how that would feel?

11. Embrace this time

Regardless of whether you like isolation or not we all are experiencing it and all have to live with it. So instead of rage against it, we can embrace it and find positives whilst using this time to invest more resources into our wellbeing, personal, and professional development. We all have time, we just have to be willing to use it in a way that benefits us most.