Take Time Off For Ease, For Laughter, For Joy

Take Time Off For Ease, For Laughter, For Joy

When you are creating something that is important in your life, something that means a lot to you, something that is revolutionary, something that is starting a rebellion, something that will change the landscape for you, your family, your community, the entire world, it can seem like a big, big thing to do. And you can be wrapped in all of it, you can spend your hours, days focusing on how you’re going to make that difference, how you’re going to show up in the world, how you’re going to really be able to put all of that energy, all of that intention, all of that emotion, all of that angst, all of that frustration, all of that rage. How you are going to be able to take all of this and be able to make a difference because you want to share value, you want to bring a change, you want to be able to redefine the world as you know it. Because That’s what your spirit truly wants, doesn’t it?

But in doing all of this, how often do you take time off for ease, for laughter, for Joy?

Why is it sad, that when we commit to such a big task in our personal lives, that we take away the importance of ease and grace and fun and joy and happiness? Yes, there are times that absolutely invite us to step into our intensity. But in quiet times at home, when you are rebuilding yourself, when you are refueling your self, when you are rejuvenating can you give yourself space for ease, play, laughter? With your kids, with your partner? With your parents, siblings? Can you balance your intensity with belly laughter?

So counterintuitive. So not what the energy demands. So against the kind of big difference you want to create in the world. How do you even put the redefining of the world as we know it and merge it to the energy of play and fun?

“Like that’s ridiculous” you would ask. But there is energy in fun and play and ease and laughter and joy that will refuel you in ways that will prepare you to stand up for this battle of your lifetime.

So in moments where you feel most called to show up and express the Intensity of your being and the power of your spirit don’t forget the power of laughter, the power of smiles and the power of play. It’s counterintuitive and as crazy as it sounds the power of laughter and fun and play can fuel you in ways that will really support you in showing up for your mission and your work.