You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself

You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself

It is every mother’s responsibility to love herself and to model this self-love to her children.

It is the foundation of healthy living.

This is the responsibility that the collective feminine is currently struggling to meet.

They feel like this because it would mean putting ourselves first in a society that says it is selfish to make yourself priority 1.

I am here to help women disconnect from this untrue and unhealthy belief system that modern society is desperate for them to retain (because entire economies are built on this belief system).

It’s time to see the lies and falsehoods that the media you are consuming is showing you.

I am here to tell you – You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself.

It is safe to come home to yourself!

It is essential that you do, for the sake of your children, their capacity to love themselves and our ability to change the world by reclaiming our power of choice.’
You don’t need to try and change the world or anyone else for that matter, it’s about you being the change you want to see in others and modeling to give the space for others to do so.

It’s time to look at your environment and to see what it is that you are allowing yourself to consume in all areas of your life, energy, images, words, from social media, people around you even the lifestyle that you live.

Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to be a rebel and stand up for yourself and say enough, I no longer conform to this way of living anymore? I choose love, I choose happiness, I choose ME!

It’s time to drop this mask that we have used to be something we are not and find the beauty in who we truly are!

Anxiety & Motherhood

Anxiety & Motherhood

Hello, beautiful ones, it’s Tammie Pike. And what I would like to share with you today is the journey of motherhood and how anxiety is part of today’s motherhood.

Being a mum, we have anxiety about being not good enough. We have anxiety about not raising our kids well enough. We have anxiety about what happens to work, what would happen to our kids you know we have this mindset that is really fine-tuned on fear, not being good enough, not worthy enough. All that kind of stuff. And this can lead to us everyday living in a world where we feel unloved, unworthy we feel so freaking fearful of everything. And we feel that we aren’t good enough in what we’re doing already.

So, what I want to share with you is that I experienced anxiety so much of my life and it wasn’t until I had my youngest daughter, Brookie. She was really unwell as a baby and I lived in fear every single day that I was going to lose her. I’d wake up a mess going, how is she, what is she doing, all that kind of stuff.

I was crying all the time but I hide this from everyone. And anyone who is suffering from some sort of an emotional or mental disorder knows how well to fake it. And this is a thing we have to start taking steps for ourselves to start finding ways out of this space, out of being in this really dark area of staying in a shadow side.

The thing is fear is a door and we have a choice to choose, sometimes it feels so overwhelming because the volume is tense so fired up that we can’t hear anything else. So, we’ve got to have tools. We have tools and tool kit and as soon as we start freaking out, “What is some of the things that can help you through this?”.

For me, my number one tip is to go outside, take your shoes off and ground yourself in. And imagine that you have roots coming at the bottom of your feet. And that going down into mother earth and allowing her energy to mingle with your own and being held by that energy. Now might sound weird to some of you but anyone who knows about grounding, and that it has been scientifically proven to actually work.

It will help calm you down it will help release good endorphins within your body. And it’ll help you calm your nervous system because as soon as we’re in that anxiety mode, what happens is it drains all stuff reaping right up and we are not functioning correctly whatsoever. And it’s like we’re in that flight mode, if we’re gonna be chased or heard was something like that that’s the same kind of feeling we’d get when we’re experiencing anxiety.

So, what I invite you to do is to have this in your toolkit. Write it up somewhere or write it everywhere or even put it on your phone as an alarm. For every ten, twenty, thirty minutes, every hour. Go outside and grind because this will help relax you. It will help calm your body and nervous system down.

The second thing that I used to use a lot was essential oils. Aromatherapy is amazing. So, lemon oil, go and research the benefits of lemon oil. Actually, is the only smell that calms and can actually create a chemical reaction within your brain, to release those really you know feel-good emotions. I used to sit down to put a couple of drops on a tissue put it in my hand, cup it. And do like a slow breathing meditation and it really calms me down and helps me find more positivity within myself, and in my circumstances in the environment.

The third thing is that you can start looking into heart coherence. It is a beautiful meditation to help you get into your heart, rather than being focused on your thoughts. There are so many tools but whatever grabs your attention now within this video I invite you to go and explore that because this is what your body is calling for you to find out and find more back.

So, this is also a doing your gratitude when we in the space of anxiety, anger, depression all that kind of stuff we can’t see the positivity in our life, but what we do if we actually take a moment to check in and to truly see what we can be grateful for. Is it a roof of your head? Is it you’re bed? Is it you know that your body can move and help you explore this world. You know what is it? That you’re breathing do you have health, do you have a family? Think about as many many things that you can because this will help recalibrate your mindset and help dim down those negative thoughts.

So, these are just some of the tools I can help you and have helped me with my anxiety so I’m sending you all so much love and there’s one more tip that I have to share. And that is for you to go and find someone you can speak to. If you experiencing anxiety do not go through this alone.
I went through alone most of my life and especially when I was having panic attacks and a lot kind of things. I was experiencing this by myself because I could not think that I was lessened, I would not let anyone see underneath the covers of how badly I was truly. Truly not coping with how useless I felt, how worthless I felt because I couldn’t be the mom, the wife to everything, to everyone I thought I was.
So as soon we let down these guts we stop this high expectation and anxiety starts to lessen. As a mum, it’s not your world to be everything for everyone. You do not need to be a supermum. You need to make sure that you were looking after yourself and doing what you need.

So, I’m sending all so much love and wish I could wrap you all up in a big hug and know that you know it is a way for you to learn more about yourself. If you start practicing and cultivating self-love, which means choosing yourself every single day, which means doing something good for yourself every single day. You will see, your last starting out to improve. You start seeking that feeling more and more more. So, I sending you so much love and know you can do this beautiful and you are not alone in this.