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Mumpreneur Movement Magazine publishes advertisements for high-quality products and services which will provide value to our readers.  We team up with all of our advertising partners in helping them reach their advertising objectives and goals.

Why advertise with Mumpreneur Movement Magazine? 

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Magazine audiences are growing — and young adults read heavily: The number of magazine readers is continuously growing.

Magazine audiences are expanding across platforms: E-readers are projected to grow rapidly — and consumers want to see magazine content on them.

Magazines supply credibility: Multiple sources show that consumers trust ads in magazines.

Magazines deliver reach: Across major demographic groups, the top 25 magazines deliver considerably more rating points than the top 25 primetime TV shows.

Magazine advertising gets consumers to act: Two separate sources show that more than half of all readers (56%) act on magazine ads. And, action-taking has increased +10% in the last five years.

As we continuously grow from one ur platform to another, our Social Media pages and groups and now our website, we will also be supporting sponsored products or services which will be electronically purchased and delivered on the iPad including ebooks, apps, subscriptions and other online services.

Advertising with Mumpreneur Movement Magazine fuses the beauty of traditional publishing with the technological advantages of the digital world, giving you instant access to buyers around the world on pages that never get thrown away.

If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise or sell through Mumpreneur Movement Magazine, please contact us below.  We evaluate each proposal on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it offers sufficient value for our readers.

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