You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself

You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself

It is every mother’s responsibility to love herself and to model this self-love to her children.

It is the foundation of healthy living.

This is the responsibility that the collective feminine is currently struggling to meet.

They feel like this because it would mean putting ourselves first in a society that says it is selfish to make yourself priority 1.

I am here to help women disconnect from this untrue and unhealthy belief system that modern society is desperate for them to retain (because entire economies are built on this belief system).

It’s time to see the lies and falsehoods that the media you are consuming is showing you.

I am here to tell you – You ARE ALREADY enough and it is time to come home to yourself.

It is safe to come home to yourself!

It is essential that you do, for the sake of your children, their capacity to love themselves and our ability to change the world by reclaiming our power of choice.’
You don’t need to try and change the world or anyone else for that matter, it’s about you being the change you want to see in others and modeling to give the space for others to do so.

It’s time to look at your environment and to see what it is that you are allowing yourself to consume in all areas of your life, energy, images, words, from social media, people around you even the lifestyle that you live.

Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to be a rebel and stand up for yourself and say enough, I no longer conform to this way of living anymore? I choose love, I choose happiness, I choose ME!

It’s time to drop this mask that we have used to be something we are not and find the beauty in who we truly are!