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The World In 2021

There are some changes unfolding here at the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine and wanted to keep you in the loop.

It’s The Little Things That Count

It’s The Little Things That Count I have been with my husband for over 19years, we were high school sweethearts. We have been through so much together. We have grown together, have been through many ups and downs. We have seen the best and the worse in each other yet...

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Mum or not, you are welcome to join our amazing community of women (and men). We invite you to submit an article, however, please note that due to previous contributors committing to a spot than not submitting an article (we understand life is life) Moving forward, we will not save a spot until we receive your article unless we know you are a reliable source.

What’s new in 2021? Join me and my family in our journey to making this year a better one.

If you are around any of these areas please let me know, and let’s see what magic we can create.

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