It’s The Little Things That Count

I have been with my husband for over 19years, we were high school sweethearts. We have been through so much together. We have grown together, have been through many ups and downs. We have seen the best and the worse in each other yet I know without a doubt that he is the only man for me.

I know this deep within my bones, I know this as he is always in my thoughts every single day and I in his. He is my best friend and the one person I can always turn to for help and support. It’s the little things that keep us going, yet they can also be the things that we overlook & take for granted.

Why is it that we need big gestures of unrequited love to show that we love someone? Is it so we can show it to the world? Is it so we can prove to ourselves and to others that our partner loves us?

Personally, I think it’s the little things that keep me feeling loved, it’s when Nath sources things for me on gumtree when he makes me something with his hands when he helps me with my garden. When he tells me to go out and go for a horse ride. How he never hesitates when I ask if he minds if I go and do this and this. When he gives me a big cuddle & kiss every time he gets home and asks how my day is and still loves me if I am self-absorbed in the task at hand and forget to ask him. How he will automatically come and find us when he gets home to see what we are up to and if I need a hand. It’s when we go to bed and he will just cuddle me. When he listens to my bursts of inspiration or craziness and he doesn’t run the other way. These are the little things that remind me of how wonderful he is and how much I love him.

Yes, it is nice to get flowers, chocolates or a show of affection yet it is the little things that can remind you of what is really important and what you mean to each other.