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If you love helping people thrive, if you invest in you, if you are moved by the power of purpose, if you have brilliant ideas, if you embrace the freedom to be yourself, if you like to see and be seen, if you are passionate about your future, and if you believe in social good, we invite you to join our team.

Dani Gardner

Danielle Gardner is a Holistic Business Mentor who specialises in helping sensitive, introverted women to clarify their message, market with quiet confidence and grow their audience without having to be online all the time. Dani started her entrepreneurial journey as an energy worker using the modalities of kinesiology, Reconnective Healing and akashic records readings. The evolution from energy work to business mentoring came about organically when Dani found herself giving messaging and marketing guidance to clients who wanted to reinvent their careers and start a holistic business, like she had done. Today Dani is known for offering an alternative approach to business building, one that does not include free webinars, 5-day challenges, Facebook Group marketing, lead magnets or having to be online all the time.

Clare Deale

Clare Deale is an Intuitive Guide/Mentor, Seer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Worker and Homeopath. Her abilities in seeing where and how you are blocked are quite profound, the space she holds for you is powerful, sacred and healing. Supporting & guiding people to their awakening and seeing their own infinite light & power is her calling in life. With the combination of her training as an Intuitive Guide with the Institute of Intuitive Sciences and her years of practising as a homeopath and her natural abilities.

Lisa Entwisle

A passionate woman, a mother of two beautiful humans, living in Melbourne, Australia and I want to make a difference in the world. I want to live on a planet where people like and value themselves , make values based choices and in turn connect authentically, spreading more compassion, kindess and joy.

She helps open-minded, big hearted people CONNECT to themselves, others and the world around them. In turn they develop more confidence, clarity and overall wellbeing to pursue their passion and achieve their lifestyle goals in a way that’s unique to their own personality and style.

Tamara Stiller

Tamara is a Mum-Life Coach who champions women to redefine motherhood and find purpose and passion in their important but often undervalued role as a mum! From the homemaker to the working mum Tamara’s heart is to see mums thriving and to truly love the years of raising children. As a mum of six, business owner, and life coach, Tamara understands the importance of having someone on your team. Someone to encourage and cheer you on, someone without judgment who understands the challenges, chaos, and confusion that can overwhelm. Tamara’s heart is to see women operating from their strengths and not their fears and to overcome each challenge with confidence, grace, and fulfillment.

Caroline Bellenger

Caroline Bellenger is a passionate life coach, motivational speaker and creator of ‘Be The Impossible’ courses. From childhood sexual abuse to over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline finally got sober in 2009.

Since then Caroline has gone on to represent Australia in triathlon, climb to Everest Base Camp, complete an honours degree, compete in national Surf Life Saving events, have a successful corporate career and currently operates a thriving fitness business. She achieved all of this as a sole single parent while volunteering over fifty hours a year to various community organisations, including being an active surf lifesaver.

Caroline is passionate about inspiring women to reach their dreams. Caroline emphatically believes that if she can overcome significant life obstacles, then any woman given support and encouragement can achieve the impossible. Her life purpose is to help others find fulfilment and happiness in their own lives.

Jessie Reimers

Jessie Reimers is an international speaker, writer, seven-figure business owner, e-course creator, leader, and disruptor. As a young woman with Aspergers, a mum, and coming from poor health and poverty, Jessie has overcome many different challenges to create her success. Jessie thrives on educating and empowering people to smash through their fears and draw on their inner strength to courageously create the life of their dreams. She is raw, real, vulnerable, down to earth, and brutally honest. She teaches people how to lead themselves, teams, businesses, and companies with absolute integrity and lift others as they rise. She speaks to removing competition and comparison – replacing it with collaboration, as we are so much more powerful united and when we can learn from and be inspired by one another.

Heidi Lumsden

I have been a photographer for 6 years, photographing everything from newborns, to couples, kids, families, weddings, births, engagements, food, products, you name it. I’ve changed business names, I’ve changed styles, I took breaks, always trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I realised that I wasn’t happy just being a photographer, I needed to create photos that were also, art! I am a photo artist of some sorts. I love creating artistic portraits, getting into the weird and wonderful. The stuff that makes people think and feel. I love making videos and creating beautiful, visual content. I love sharing quotes and writing and helping people. I especially love the feeling I get when I work with another person and they love what I create for them. 


Kat loves food, and photography.

She graduated from RMIT with a Degree in Graphic Design and even then photography was a strong part of her role. It certainly plays a part in lighting, composition, colour theory and marketing.

Over the years she noticed though she was taking more and more photos for clients as there was a lack of quality.

Eventually photography became the main focus with her and her husband capturing weddings, events and corporate branding images in their other business Sonny & Kat Photography which officially began in 2016.

Alex Stalling

Alex’s creative works play with the idea of user experience and personal identity, creating layered automatic imagery which captures a reflection of moments in time. Working primarily in acrylic, watercolour and line work.

Amanda Herron

Amanda Herron is a Personal Stylist in Toowoomba, dedicated to finding the right look for individual and corporate clients. She also speaks in front of large groups about style and dress-code expectations for workplaces, events and special occasions.

Her Mission is to empower others, by helping them achieve their personal styling goals; such as, understanding individual body shape and style; creating a fresh and functional wardrobe; trying new looks to update and improve wardrobe options; teaching ‘Corporate Style’ in workplaces who wish to improve their professional appearance.

Rebecca Green

Real Estate Sales, Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Fitness studio owner, Multiple Sip n’ Paint studios and and self-taught entrepreneur. Rebecca Green is a beautiful, funny, and smart woman. She is a mother of two, and a wife to one. But, she is also a real estate agent, a wedding and event planner, a personal trainer, and a serial mumpreneur—running seven businesses!

Melissa McLeod

Melissa McLeod is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach, Art Therapist and Artist with over twenty years experience. She is passionate about supporting women to transform anxiety or limiting thinking so that they can live their life in full bloom!

Maya Morris

Dr. Fabianna Marie is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in BioPhenotype (The unique Biochemistry of every individual) and Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. Fabianna is a 14 year Metastatic Breast Cancer thriver, an award winning author and national speaker. Her writing has graced the pages of Women’s Day, Vegetarian times, Raw Food Magazine, Yahoo, The Mighty, and many others. Dr. Fabianna is the recipient of the 2017, 2018, & 2019 National Association of Professional Women, Woman of the Year Award, for her contribution to empower women in business.

Salli Galvin

A Woman of action is Salli Galvin and her passion is to create grounded resilient well adjusted children reach their full potential.
When her perfect country childhood was shattered through suicide, Salli learnt the power of resilience. Her mother taughter her from a young age to be a high achiever and she used determination, commitment and focus to become an international athlete and Australian representative in Polocrosse. Her passion is mindFitness and she has created an array of successful businesses that help parents and children.
One thing Salli lives by is the fact that everything is a choice and to take control of who you are and what you stand for is empowering not only for you but for those around you.  They will be inspired to be courageous and chase down those dreams and aspirations that we often bury so deeply inside ourselves. No matter what your past is if you approach your dreams with a positive mindset and  buckets of work you can achieve what you believe.

Tamara Laporte

 Tamara Laporte (‘willowing’) is a creative catalyst of thousands of beautiful people. She is a celebrated mixed media artist and art teacher who has been running her own creative business since 2008. Her work can be described as ‘mixed media folk art’ with a focus on ‘magical realism’. It ranges from whimsical children’s illustrations to more stylised fantasy art. Love, mystery, innocence, hope, spirituality, kindness and self-connection inspires her artwork. Symbolism and layering play a big part in her work. Her paintings often contain healing themes, uplifting messages, and inspirational poetry.

Teneile Napoli

Using her raw talent, fearless ambition as well as the support and love from her all-female team, Teneile Napoli has achieved a high-class reputation in the tattoo industry. She, is the creator of the internationally recognised tattoo studio, Garage Ink.

Sue Prentice

Sue has over 30 years of experience in product and service-related businesses, is a founder of two start-up companies and has carefully managed millions of

marketing budget dollars for globally recognised brands.

Sue’s passion for knowledge from an early age living in Africa remains fully charged and she’s happiest when she’s passing on her energy to encourage like-minded

entrepreneurs, swapping experiences, and sharing creative success solutions. She bubbles with excitement about the future of technology, and has a deep-seated desire to reach teenagers and stand up for wildlife. Her makeup is rich, intertwined with first world city life of Sydney and growing up in a third world country.

Since leaving Africa, her happy place is by the at the beach, and this would need to be included in her conservation dream to give back.

Sue lives in Sydney with her husband, two daughters and a couple of pets, the main motivation behind her endless energy. She now works with founders and

co-founders, helping them get clear on their goals and achieving an online digital strategy with results top of mind.

You Are Your Superpower  ~ Issue 3

No one else can be you and that is YOUR superpower. Instead of trying to life, motherhood & business like everyone else why not become brave enough to find your own style and flow. Within this issue, we cover mother’s guilt, spirituality, intuition, creating, art, feeling your feelings, empowerment, personal style, being limitless, inspiring showcases of Mumpreneurs, Find your 2020 words for life, family and business, A new year, 8 steps to be you, owning your story, courage, and resilience, a gentle approach to marketing (slow marketing), Facebook for 2020 and chatbots, why you are the most important part of your business plan + a free quarterly reading.


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