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If you love helping people thrive, if you invest in you, if you are moved by the power of purpose, if you have brilliant ideas, if you embrace the freedom to be yourself, if you like to see and be seen, if you are passionate about your future, and if you believe in social good, we invite you to join our team.

Alana Barry

Alana Barry is a dynamic, passionate and positive mother, a multi award-winning business owner and coach dedicated to help others to uncover their passion and true potential. Having built a highly successful Real Estate Agency from a young age where for the last 12 years, Alana and her team consistently rate in the Top 5 Real Way Franchise in Queensland. Due to her success she was head hunted to be Real Way’s top Property Management Trainer within Australia due to her capabilities and passion for empowering and teaching others. Her list of achievements and awards is vast, as is her ability to mentor, coach and guide her clients and employees to also reach goals and attain great success whether in life, career or business. Overcoming many challenges in life, Alana knows personally the struggle to accept, overcome and then to be able to thrive in the wake of ones past, yet her personal story shows you that it is and it takes you believing in yourself to get there. Drawing on her life and her highly awarded professional skills, Alana provides one-on-one life coaching, business mentoring, group training, workshops, leadership training and speaking to help others to overcome obstacles, reach their dreams and most importantly, the greatest achievement, believe in themselves.

Alexe J McDonald

My Name is Alexe J McDonald and it is my passion and purpose to help you create freedom in your life and to thrive through life’s challenges by changing sub conscious beliefs and perceptions allowing you to transcend limitations into strengths and transform stress and anxiety into peace and empowerment!

Annabel Curtain

Annabel Curtain lives and works in outback Northern Territory. Falling in love with a cowboy was all it took to lure her from her successful corporate career in Perth, WA to Katherine in the NT.

Annabel and her husband Tom are the owners of the national award-winning tourist attraction, Katherine Outback Experience, which operates on their property in Katherine from April to October. The outback show celebrates life on the land through real horse starting and working dog demonstrations, entwined with live music and humorous bush stories.

Briana Seaton

A mother, entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach Briana Seaton is a woman of many talents, who is dedicated to helping you become your best self. Briana became an entrepreneur from a very early age and now co-owns and manages a multi-million dollar business and team with her husband in the Victorian High Country. Briana is a mother to two beautiful children who she believes has taught her some of life’s more important lessons.

Briana is a well-respected businesswoman in her region and has won multiple business accolades because of her ability to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. She is well known for her positive outlook as well as her tenacity to overcome any challenge thrown her way. Briana has inspired the lives of hundreds of women through her speaking, successful coaching business and her thriving Networking group, Women in the North East (WiNE).

Caroline Bellenger

Caroline Bellenger is a passionate life coach, motivational speaker and creator of ‘Be The Impossible’ courses. From childhood sexual abuse to over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline finally got sober in 2009.

Since then Caroline has gone on to represent Australia in triathlon, climb to Everest Base Camp, complete an honours degree, compete in national Surf Life Saving events, have a successful corporate career and currently operates a thriving fitness business. She achieved all of this as a sole single parent while volunteering over fifty hours a year to various community organisations, including being an active surf lifesaver.

Caroline is passionate about inspiring women to reach their dreams. Caroline emphatically believes that if she can overcome significant life obstacles, then any woman given support and encouragement can achieve the impossible. Her life purpose is to help others find fulfilment and happiness in their own lives.

Denise DT

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs who want to make money and change the world. She helps women charge premium prices, release the fear of money, and create First Class lives. Her books Lucky Bitch, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and Chillpreneur give a fresh and funny roadmap to living a life of abundance without burnout. Her Money Bootcamp has helped over 6,000 students. She’s a lazy introvert, a Hay House author, and an unbusy mother of 3. She owns a rose farm and lives by the beach in sunny Australia.

Emma McTaggart

Emma Mactaggart is a mother, award-winning writer, publisher and speaker, and the founder of The Child Writes Fund. The priority of the Fund is to empower children to navigate their future through story, gifting them workshops so they can finesse their narrative in such a way at to have universal appeal.

Emma started International Read to Me Day six years ago, and coerces passionate literacy advocates around the world to help her remind the community of the importance of reading to children regularly.

Joy Fairhall

When life throws a curveball, Joy Fairhall is the person you want in your corner.

Founder of Mind Body Joy, Fairhall brings personal insight and professional expertise to help find the positive perspective to overcome and manage life-changing events.

Author of the book The Empty Pillow Beside You

Kylie Allen

At Inspiring Minds Studio, we are running an online program called GROWING TOGETHER, providing pre-school children with 45 minute live classes each weekday morning that are engaging and educational. I wanted to create a safe and fun place for them to learn and provide parents with the time to help older kids with their school work, do their own work or just have some down time each day.

Kylie Mort

Kylie is an Educational Mentor from Benalla, Victoria. Formerly a VCE English and Business Management teacher, she now works with students and business owners alike, mentoring on holistic growth and development.

A teacher for more than 17 years, Kylie continues to facilitate the self-worth and innate resilience of young people, empowering individuals to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing modern society. She is a qualified professional with degrees in English, Literature and Social Studies but she believes in continuous improvement, remaining a perpetual student; training in business, speaking and coaching courses that will assist her to assist more people.

Liesel Albrecht

Liesel Albrecht is more often than not known as “The Retreat Queen”, her vision is to create extraordinary experiences that give women from around the globe, permission to be themselves while learning about different cultures, connecting with inspiring female leaders, & providing a supportive community that celebrates everything that it means to be woman.

Melissa McLeod

Melissa McLeod is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach, Art Therapist and Artist with over twenty years experience. She is passionate about supporting women to transform anxiety or limiting thinking so that they can live their life in full bloom!

Rachelle Panitz

So Brave Breast Cancer Fundraiser Project is an initiative to empower young women diagnosed with breast cancer and raise funds for breast cancer research.

Radzy Chugh

Radzy is a JoyAlchemist and leads the #FuelledByJoy Revolution. She is an intuitive healer, Qoya Movement teacher and Coach. Radzy works with women across the globe to support them in feeling Joy-Full in their bodies. Radzy’s work revolves around empowering women to create a life that feels good to them. Radzy is passionate about supporting women to create a strong, transparent and committed relationship with themselves. #FuelledByJoy is an idea that allows women to plant the seeds of their dreams and visions into the Joy filled landscape of their minds, hearts and bodies. Radzy believes in three factors to THRIVE and they include Freedom to be who you want to be, Confidence to be you unapologetically and Creativity to create in and from a place that feels true and good to you.

Salli Galvin

Author, CEO of the Jarrahdale Group, Australian Representative, Ambassador for Mental Health Awareness.

Salli is passionate about creating grounded, resilient, well-adjusted children reach their full potential.

Shannon Bush

Shannon Bush is on a global mission driven by a belief that every woman deserves to know her potential to thrive and to have the self determination, trust and exuberance to bring thriving to life, in her own way. She’s been coaching, teaching and cheering thrive seekers from around the world for over 14 years. Shannon accelerates thriving by drawing on your Thrive Factor, a framework of archetypes she created over a decade ago; also the focus of her Amazon bestseller by the same name.

Sue Prentice

Sue has over 30 years of experience in product and service-related businesses, is a founder of two start-up companies and has carefully managed millions of

marketing budget dollars for globally recognised brands.

Sue’s passion for knowledge from an early age living in Africa remains fully charged and she’s happiest when she’s passing on her energy to encourage like-minded

entrepreneurs, swapping experiences, and sharing creative success solutions. She bubbles with excitement about the future of technology, and has a deep-seated desire to reach teenagers and stand up for wildlife. Her makeup is rich, intertwined with first world city life of Sydney and growing up in a third world country.

Since leaving Africa, her happy place is by the at the beach, and this would need to be included in her conservation dream to give back.

Sue lives in Sydney with her husband, two daughters and a couple of pets, the main motivation behind her endless energy. She now works with founders and

co-founders, helping them get clear on their goals and achieving an online digital strategy with results top of mind.

Dr. Fabianna Marie

Dr. Fabianna Marie is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in BioPhenotype (The unique Biochemistry of every individual) and Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. Fabianna is a 14 year Metastatic Breast Cancer thriver, an award winning author and national speaker. Her writing has graced the pages of Women’s Day, Vegetarian times, Raw Food Magazine, Yahoo, The Mighty, and many others. Dr. Fabianna is the recipient of the 2017, 2018, & 2019 National Association of Professional Women, Woman of the Year Award, for her contribution to empower women in business.

Crystal Bonnet

Crystal Bonnet is an International Raw Food Chef, Instructor and Cookbook Author.
She believes everyone should have the knowledge and skills to incorporate healthy food alternatives into their lifestyle. Her greatest reward is seeing the positive impact this can have on others which is why she created Crystal Dawn Culinary.

Christina Ross

I love to create organic, holistic, sustainable recipes with whole foods. Food is my art, my joy, my gift to others. Love-Fed allows me to share with you the same recipes I feed myself, my family and my friends.

Thrive ~ Issue 4

This issue we delve into how we can thrive regardless of external circumstances and what better Mumpreneur to lead the way then not other than Denise Duffield-Thomas from Lucky Bitch. We have also invited other experts from around the world who are able to support us in mind, body, motherhood, children, and business as they share their expert tips, experiences, and know-how so they can support, motivate and empower you to do life, motherhood, and business differently. This issue focuses on growing resilient and strong mindsets for the whole family, how to thrive through the chaos that is COVID-19, thrive in your relationship, tips on how to make money in isolation plus so much more.


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