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If you love helping people thrive, if you invest in you, if you are moved by the power of purpose, if you have brilliant ideas, if you embrace the freedom to be yourself, if you like to see and be seen, if you are passionate about your future, and if you believe in social good, we invite you to join our team.

Dr. Lisa Hartwell

Dr. Lisa Hartwell, Anxiety Specialist and author of Bad Apples: How to Feel Good Even When Rotten Things Happen, leads an online course and resilience retreats in Hawaii. She empowers professionals to use brain science & soul essence to finally transform their life & relationships.

Melissa McLeod

Melissa McLeod is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach, Art Therapist and Artist with over twenty years experience. She is passionate about supporting women to transform anxiety or limiting thinking so that they can live their life in full bloom!

Karen Mc Dermott

Multi award-winning publisher, author and advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, Karen McDermott, is a sought-after publisher, author and speaker who shares her knowledge and wisdom on building publishing empires, establishing yourself as a successful author-publisher and book writing.

Sandra Stepan

Sandra is a Canadian entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and businesses operate at their fullest potential. She loves dancing, playing with her cat, and travelling to keep her inspired and relaxed. Right now, her main focus is co-owning two ventures: SnapAdvantage, a boutique marketing agency that helps businesses sell more by leveraging the power of digital marketing, and HearGift, a leading hearing device brand that offers the gift of hearing for a tenth of the cost.

Renée McDonald

Renée McDonald has been a counsellor and psychotherapist in the field for over 18 years.
She has worked in a variety of roles in the community, along with teaching and training future community workers, counsellors and psychotherapists for over 14 years in a variety of large educational institutions.
For over 10 years, she has practised online. For the last four years, she has trained professionals to transition their practice to the online environment. She is an experienced academic educator, trainer and assessor and runs her own training company, Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). Last year, she launched her textbook; Online Therapy: Processes, Tasks, Integration and Energetic Holding, based on her research, practice experience and training in the Online Therapy and Telehealth space.

Bron Roberts

For almost 20 years Bron has been sharing her passion for positive health and well-being with organisations around Australia and in the USA. As Australia’s only Certified Humour Professional, a Laughter Yoga Well-being Master Trainer, Skilful Mind mindfulness instructor, and with a bachelor of Psychological Sciences and a graduate diploma in Humour as a Therapeutic modality, Bron takes her audiences on fun and laughter filled adventures through the worlds of behavioural neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, in ways that shed new light on stress reduction, resilience building, increased motivation, connection, celebration and gratitude. Bron is also the Chief Happiness Officer at Let’s Laugh, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting communities in need, runs Australia’s oldest and largest community Laughter Yoga Club, is the mother of 2 wonderful adults, and is owned by a very old and often very grumpy cat.

Liesel Albrecht

Liesel Albrecht is more often than not known as The Retreat Queen, her vision is to create extraordinary experiences that give women from around the globe, permission to be themselves while learning about different cultures, connecting with inspiring female leaders, & providing a supportive community that celebrates everything that it means to be woman. Her core values focus on Culture, Inspiration and Awakening which means that every retreat is built with these in mind, every aspect is carefully crafted by her right down to fresh flowers and welcome gifts on arrival, to special experiences popping up during the retreat.
Liesel is walking towards her big visions and lives and breathes them every day – working with celebrated women in the motivational arena she ran her first Ultimate Girls Week Away with her hero Elizabeth Gilbert as her keynote presenter earlier this year.
Liesel believes that dreams do come true – you just have to work hard and dream big and you will see them sitting there on the horizon getting closer and closer.

Krystal Alexander-Hille

Krystal Alexander-Hille is a Soul Leadership Coach, international tantra teacher and bestselling author. She guides conscious leaders, business people and light workers to embody their soul essence, claim their life force and realise their vision so that they can birth the next version of their multi-dimensional self by raising their frequency, create more meaningful connections, deeper intimacy and greater financial abundance from a place of embodied sovereignty, joy and grace.

Aware of her galactic origins, Krystal comes from a soul lineage of ancient high priestesses, embodying divine feminine codes. She offers initiation journeys to Egypt & Mexico, facilitates tantric in-person and online workshops, and is particularly proud of the Galactic Temple, her membership platform for conscious leaders, birthing a new era.

Krystal holds a BA in English Literature & Theatre, a diploma in Life Coaching and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Tantra Teacher. With 30 years in leadership and personal development, over the past 12 years, Krystal has contributed her wisdom to many international summits and podcasts, and is the author of ‘She Who Would Be Queen’, ‘In the Womb of the Goddess’, and contributing author numerous to #1 bestselling multi-author books.

Caroline Bellenger

Caroline Bellenger is a passionate life coach, author, motivational speaker and creator of ‘Be The Impossible’ courses. From childhood sexual abuse to over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline got sober in 2009. Since then Caroline has found success in business, sport and life. Caroline believes that if she can overcome significant life obstacles, then any woman given support and encouragement can achieve the impossible.

Kylie Mort

Kylie is an Educational Mentor from Benalla, Victoria. Formerly a VCE English and Business Management teacher, she now works with students and business owners alike, mentoring on holistic growth and development.

A teacher for more than 17 years, Kylie continues to facilitate the self-worth and innate resilience of young people, empowering individuals to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing modern society. She is a qualified professional with degrees in English, Literature and Social Studies but she believes in continuous improvement, remaining a perpetual student; training in business, speaking and coaching courses that will assist her to assist more people.

Emma Turton

Emma Turton is a leading international Medical Intuitive and founder and director of Medical Intuition School. A rare combination of both health-science nerd and intuitive bad-ass, she sinks her teeth into the place where medicine and metaphysics meet. Emma uses her powerful intuitive eye to see inside people, and guides them to heal from within using Medical Intuition as a compass for life and health.

An international #1 bestselling author and award-winning university lecturer with 20+ years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and nutrition coach under her belt, Emma also teaches a world-class Medical Intuition Practitioner Training course that is set to change the global paradigm for health and spirituality.

Radzy Chugh

Radzy is a Coach, Qoya Movement teacher and leads the #FuelledByJoy rebellion. Radzy has worked with women across the globe leading them to live Joy-Fully. As a Qoya movement teacher, Radzy has facilitated retreats in India and offered Qoya at retreats in Bali. Radzy received her Masters in Economics degree from New York University in 2013. Allowing Joy to fuel her choices, she chose to honour her Soul’s path and ventured on as an Intuitive healer, Reiki practitioner and crystal enthusiast. Radzy’s Joy has led her to travel across the globe visiting Costa Rica, Iceland, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and Bali participating and leading in retreats. Through her work Radzy encourages women to create a strong, transparent and committed relationship with themselves. #FuelledByJoy is a movement driven by the idea that women need to shift their attitude that allows them freedom to be and feel important in their lives. It is an invitation and opportunity for women to reclaim and empower themselves.

Tamala Ridge

Tamala Ridge is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Companioning. She is an International Best Selling Author, Addictions Specialist and Spiritual Mentor. She empowers divine feminine healers and coaches to release their own limiting and self–sabotaging habits so that they can hold space for themselves and their clients with a greater degree of integrity. She supports other Space Holders to clear their own path to success, abundance and divine sovereignty.

Her mission is to inspire others to experience Heaven on earth through the sacred art of detoxing and Spiritual Companioning. After her own battle with addiction she is now a self -confessed #detoxjunkie and #spaceholdingmentor. She now gets high on the sobriety of her untainted soul.

She is the coach’s coach, working with, challenging and inspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs to become more clear, conscious and magnetic in order to increase the potency of the medicine that they bring to the world thereby increasing their income, impact and influence

Danielle Colley

Danielle Colley is an integrative life coach, mum of two and founder of Your Good Life. She helps successful women who are stuck and dissatisfied with their life to reach their full potential by assisting them to transition from where and who they are now to who they desire to be. As a former journalist and hustling single mum, Danielle understands the impact that stress and anxiety play on your ability to reach your full potential. Danielle was a freelance health and wellbeing journalist for many of Australia’s most significant publications, and although her life looked great on paper she was hurtling towards adrenal fatigue and burn out. The death of her beloved Dad was the last straw. She realised that the best time to design her life and take charge of her own happiness was now. She loves showing her kids that following your dreams and doing what you love is achievable for everyone who has the audacity to envisage and then create it, not just a lucky few. When she’s not coaching, dreaming, or creating, Danielle loves eating ice cream in her underwear.

Aarika Chilson

A lover of life and everything beets, I am passionate about happy dance foods: healthy foods that invigorate, inspire, and make me want to shimmy with joy! The extraordinary beet is one of my many “happy dance” foods. It is my goal to bring simplicity, joy, and wellness into YOUR life, changing the world one humble beet at a time. When I am not sharing the beet love, I also enjoy traveling, yoga, reading, laughing, volunteering with animal rescues, dancing, hugging trees, and eating. Yes – I love food!

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