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If you love helping people thrive, if you invest in you, if you are moved by the power of purpose, if you have brilliant ideas, if you embrace the freedom to be yourself, if you like to see and be seen, if you are passionate about your future, and if you believe in social good, we invite you to join our team.

Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner is a business mentor to self employed highly sensitive women. She helps them to articulate their message, market with quiet confidence, and have clients discover them without needing to spend so much time online.

Sarah Yip

Sarah is a professional psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia who specialises in conscious parenting, 11:11 numerology, palmistry and spiritual education.

Salli Galvin

A woman of action. Salli is passionate about creating grounded resilient well adjusted children reach their full potential. She believes it is easier to grow and shape a strong child with a FIT MIND, than fix a broken man.
Salli has always been curious of the human mind and how it operates from a scientific perspective. The reason she is so intrigued about this come from her story.
She grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in WA and her perfect country life was shattered when her father committed suicide. She was the oldest of four girls at 8 her little sisters are 4, 2 and 6 months old. Why a perfectly good man with everything to live for chose to take his life is one of Salli’s greatest mysteries. Her lifelong journey has lead her around the world to four continents investigating Mindfulness and Mindfitness. She has created programs and companies that help children and parents alike to harness the power of their minds.

Lindie Gunston

Lindie Gunston is a psychic, medium and teacher based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. From an early age Lindie was able to sense spirit, however growing up in conservative South Africa with a father who was a minister, these spiritual experiences were passed off as evil. It wasn’t until her early 20’s that things really started to make sense, and in her early 30’s Lindie actively started developing her psychic and mediumistic abilities after experiencing the loss of her brother to cancer. Lindie decided early on that if this was a path she was to follow, then she was going to throw her entire heart and soul into it. Lindie is passionate about connecting ethically with her clients and students, inspiring them to reach for the stars in all they do. Lindie teaches psychic and mediumship development both online and in person, conducts private readings, group bookings, and audience readings worldwide.

Suellen Pike

Having already a strong passion for fitness, and the knowledge of the benefits being fit holds over body, mind, and soul. Suellen then decided to make it her mission to make this positive transformation happen. Giving them the confidence, strength, courage, tools, and healing that they required to get them back to a happier, healthier place.

Only knowing too well what it is like, having experienced this firsthand. She knows how trauma/ forms of illness can affect a family’s well being and overall state.

She then drew on her inner guidance, background knowledge, personal experience, and as a Personal Trainer, giving her the tools and opportunity to birth and bring forth FITFAM.CO!

Suellen has further completed and trained in modalities including Reiki, sacred heart lomi lomi, Medical intuition 1,2 & 3. PT 3 & 4. and currently studying body beyond baby.

It is Suellen’s dream to touch the lives of many families, bringing them back into a heart space. She is determined to take them on a journey to help reshape their lives, trusting themselves and each other to create a happier and healthier life together!

It does not need to be perfect; it just needs to feel like home!

Taryn Gaudin

Taryn Gaudin is a mother of 2 (soon to be 3), lover of all types of movement & an outdoorsy adventurer. Taryn is a Women’s Physiotherapist & Whole Body Connection Guide who offers a unique approach that blends clinical evidence based physiotherapy with energy medicine – offering women practical guidance towards understanding their body in a physical & functional capacity, whilst honouring their desire for emotional & spiritual connection.

Taryn’s work is rooted in a deep appreciation for the connectedness of the physical, emotional & spiritual body. She believes that you are the expert in your body, and that as you create a deep connection with your body in a way that honours your natural rhythm, your relationships flourish, your creativity explodes, your trust in your intuition deepens, and your connection to your soul work expands phenomenally.

Taryn helps women to connect to their whole body, in particular their deep core, pelvic floor & pelvic bowl wisdom. She often works with women who have experienced sexual trauma, birth trauma, or medical/surgical trauma, helping them to unveil their own healing path. You can work with Taryn online, or face to face in Townsville, North Queensland.

Anna Kristina

Anna Kristina is an intuitive healer, mud-pie maker, musician and mother of one. Her ex-boyfriend called her ‘blunt as a spoon’. And she is. She wrote a song about it. She’s a get-to-the-heart-of-it kind of person. Upon putting a 20-year career in arts and events on hold to raise her child, she realised what a ridiculously tough gig motherhood was and promptly fell apart…. like, really…. In the process of putting herself back together, she wrote lots of soul-searching articles and was published, became fascinated with the law of attraction and won a load of prizes. All fantastic, but didn’t fill all the gaps, so she went in search of more meaningful, longer-term solutions. That’s when she discovered Processwork, a shamanic, Jungian dream-based modality of holistic counseling and psychotherapy which she trained in and now blends with her intuitive gifts and creativity to provide a mental wellbeing service that aims to make digging in the dirt much less like digging trenches and a bit more like digging for treasure. She wants you to know that therapy is awesome. She wishes she’d done it sooner. Honestly. Just do it.

Haley Heilbronn

Haley is a passionate holistic wellness advocate and a student to Ayurvedic tradition. After her personal struggles with motherhood, a mental illness and operating a fast paced business, Haley has found restitude in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and her connection with nature. Whilst she is analysing her studies she is preparing to open her own practice offering services to the community with a strong support around nutrition, psychology and counseling, daily routines and body work therapies. She is infectiously passionate to collaborate with other like minded professionals to provide holistic support services to individuals who wish to become the best version of themselves. Haley lives with her family on her farm in Agnes Waters and will be the rest in her local area to offer these holistic services through her practice.

Elle Roberts

Elle Roberts runs Rare Seed Agency, an online business management and operations agency designed to enable business owners to thrive by providing strategic direction and operational support.

Elle has been working in the online business space for over a decade and has helped hundreds of business owners through her coaching, courses and consulting.

At Rare Seed Agency Elle and her team work with change makers, risk takers, creative entrepreneurs – the rare seeds – to help them regain control of their business.

Elle also runs Artful Business Events which delivers a bi-annual business conference dedicated to supporting creative, mission-driven and out of the box businesses. Helping them sort out their money, marketing and planning without losing the special sauce that makes them the force they are in the world.

Mum to 3 kids, 2 dogs and partner to her favourite person Elle is a busy, coffee loving, joy-seeker.

Donna Fokes

Donna Maree is a self-love advocate, coach and messenger, and here to serve the women of the world.

After leading herself on a healing journey from childhood trauma, abandonment, domestic violence, depression and anxiety, Donna is now a guide and mentor for other women on their journey home to self.

Donna understands deeply, what it’s like to feel disconnected, lost and unfulfilled. She is passionate about empowering and supporting women to remember and reclaim their true essence and live a fulfilled life of connection, purpose and joy.

Her wish is for all women to know, love and honour themselves as the sacred goddess they are.

Tash Alexander

Tash Alexander is an EFT International Accredited Practitioner.
She is married and a mother of 2 teenage boys. With a background in Physiotherapy and Medical Education, the research evidence supporting EFT is very important to her. Tash is the owner of The Tapping Room and specialises in trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Tash’s clients get exceptional results either in her Private Practice in Coffs Harbour or remotely via Zoom. Tash is a highly experienced workshop presenter, educating professionals and the community in how to manage their stress effectively and build resilience.

Sian Yewdall

Sian Yewdall is a Marketing & PR Coach for heart-driven ambitious women ready to harness their voice, carve their space in the market and make an impact in the world.

As an award-winning Communications & Marketing specialist with 20 years experience in the sector, Sian has established vital awareness campaigns that set the national agenda; cultivated profitable sponsorship deals; managed public relations strategies for international companies and created award-winning events that raised funds for not-for-profit organisations. In 2017 Sian established and grew a successful print and digital magazine, to inspire and support regional women in business across Australia before closing it down as a result of her family home being flooded by the monster monsoon that devastated North Queensland in February 2019. Today, she combines this personal experience with her professional accolades to support ambitious female entrepreneurs achieve their higher purpose.

Tamara Stiller

Tamara is a Mum-Life Coach who champions women to redefine motherhood and find purpose and passion in their important but often undervalued role as a mum! From the homemaker to the working mum Tamara’s heart is to see mums thriving and to truly love the years of raising children. As a mum of six, business owner and life coach, Tamara understands the importance of having someone on your team. Someone to encourage and cheer you on, someone without judgement who understands the challenges, chaos and confusion that can overwhelm. Tamara’s heart is to see women operating from their strengths and not their fears and to overcome each challenge with confidence, grace and fulfilment.

Elizabeth Clements

Elizabeth is a devoted mother of three earthside and one angel in heaven, who is inspired by the potential and possibility for good in those around her. She has worked in aged care and supporting children with chronic illness and special needs. Qualified as an enrolled nurse, carer, and currently studying to be a breastfeeding counsellor and educator, Elizabeth has always had a love for learning and teaching.
She volunteers her time at Riding for the Disabled, and Days for Girls where she has been involved in preparing and distributing reusable menstrual kits, educating women and girls on menstrual hygiene and personal care in Australia and Africa. She was also privileged to raise money for the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, where she visited and ran the 10km Great Ethiopian Run in promotion of the hospital and the empowerment of girls to become leaders.
Elizabeth loves poetry and enjoys writing, she is proactive, hardworking, and empathic. Her supportive nature means that you will never stand alone in a just cause. Along with all she does for others, she still makes time for impromptu dance parties, rock or tree climbing, and cooking that she sometimes cannot live down.

Mumpreneur Movement Magazine_Issue 9: Motherhood 

The beautiful and challenging thing about being a mother is that it is never the exact same for everyone yet we all try to be like one another and judge ourselves harshly if we don’t meet the high and unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves.

There are so many beautiful women within this issue to support you to find more space, inner peace, and self-love for you, the beautiful woman who is doing it all plus some. It’s time to stop following the crowd, stop judging yourself and others, and find your way, your flow. It’s time to wreak havoc on the status quo and give yourself permission to be the woman, Mother, and mumpreneur you genuinely are and give zero fucks to what others think. You deserve that as does your family and business.

So be brave, beautiful woman and live your life your way and stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be the perfect Mother! Let yourself relax, enjoy it the best you can, and surrender to your journey.


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