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If you love helping people thrive, if you invest in you, if you are moved by the power of purpose, if you have brilliant ideas, if you embrace the freedom to be yourself, if you like to see and be seen, if you are passionate about your future, and if you believe in social good, we invite you to join our team.

Tammie Kip

Author — Your Extraordinary Self, a book about helping you define your version of success packed with strategies, tips and challenges to help get you there! Lover of all things personal growth, wellness, self-love, self-care, spirituality and leadership.

Laura Fox

Mother, Writer and Wife. I write to heal myself and others.

Sarah Yip

Sarah is a professional psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia who specialises in conscious parenting, 11:11 numerology, palmistry and spiritual education.

Sandra Stepan

Sandra is a Canadian entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and businesses operate at their fullest potential. She loves dancing, playing with her cat, and travelling to keep her inspired and relaxed. Right now, her main focus is co-owning two ventures: SnapAdvantage, a boutique marketing agency that helps businesses sell more by leveraging the power of digital marketing, and HearGift, a leading hearing device brand that offers the gift of hearing for a tenth of the cost.

Shannon Dunn

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, chai devotee, stand up paddleboard addict!

Shannon Dunn is an international award-winning Australian businesswoman, retreat leader and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker. In February 2020 she was opening keynote speaker at a week long women’s event in Fiji, The Ultimate Girls Week Away alongside Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s the proud author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing you to the archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

Think about The Thrive Factor framework as the best kind of psychology meets the wisest parts of you meets accelerating your success in life and business, with the greatest of effortlessness.

Shannon coaches, mentors, teachers and cheers dynamic adventurous women who are true #thriveseekers searching for more to connect with their innate Thrive Factor Archetypes and their unique permission giving activation to be bigger, bolder, brighter and to claim their innate ingenious selves!

Shannon has been championing women in business thriving as a cornerstone of her work for over 25 years via one on one coaching, business mastermind programs and oodles of thrive focused training. In 2019 she expanded the thriving woman revolution with the opening of Thrive Factor School where through certification programs she teaches women in business the art of Archetypal Profiling using the Thrive Factor Framework.

Kylie Michelle

Kylie Michelle is an Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Educator. Recipient of Townsville Business Women’s Circle Empowering Woman Award for 2019 and a finalist for the AusMumpreneur ‘Women who will change the world’ award in 2020.

She is a veteran with 19 years of military experience. A soldier who has deployed to Afghanistan, Timor and on Humanitarian missions. Across her career, Kylie received various awards and medals, her most memorable is a Silver Commendation for her work in Kabul, Afghanistan. The award received officially for her professionalism and rapport established with coalition personnel and improving the morale and welfare of the headquarters.
Which in her own words means hugging a soldier in and being the one someone can lean on.

Passionate about welfare taking on many additional roles so she could work with individuals or teams to help them become their best self. Her final posting in Defence was a Specialist Recruiter for Women which aligned with her passion for Diversity.

Her purpose is to create a community of champions of change that will create safe spaces for real conversations. To have individuals remove the mask, and help them be real, raw and authentic within work and life.

Kate Payne

Kate is a natural space holder who weaves her knowledge and embodied experience of Eastern and Western modalities, offering a pathway for women to connect to their own inner guidance system and to trust in their ability to heal and thrive.
She is a Mother, Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Teacher Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist. She supports women in creating space to deepen their awareness of their bodies, to hear their womb wisdom and to stand fully embodied in their own sovereignty.
Kate is the co founder of Higher States of Yoga, Yoga Mamas, and the co-host of the women’s health podcast series Wholeness.
As a women’s health practitioner, and more than 20 years of yoga practice, Kate weaves yoga therapy, remedial massage, yin & restorative yoga, kundalini, ritual, sound healing and meditation. Paving the way for women to live a truly aligned life of connection to all aspects of their feminine form, throughout their entire lifecycle from menstruation to pregnancy & postpartum, into menopause and beyond.

Sian Yewdall

Sian Yewdall is a Marketing & PR Coach for heart-driven ambitious women ready to harness their voice, carve their space in the market and make an impact in the world.

As an award-winning Communications & Marketing specialist with 20 years experience in the sector, Sian has established vital awareness campaigns that set the national agenda; cultivated profitable sponsorship deals; managed public relations strategies for international companies and created award-winning events that raised funds for not-for-profit organisations.

In 2017 Sian established and grew a successful print and digital magazine, to inspire and support regional women in business across Australia before closing it down as a result of her family home being flooded by the monster monsoon that devastated North Queensland in February 2019. Today, she combines this personal experience with her professional accolades to support ambitious female entrepreneurs achieve their higher purpose.

Her proudest achievement to date is her team of merry men Elliot, Hugh and George and partner Jonathan. When Sian isn’t working she loves writing, reading, singing loudly in her car, going to the beach and cocktails with friends.

Sue Prentice

Global Connector, Expert Online Marketer and Mindset Ambassador. Over the last 25 years I have helped many global brands, in various verticals and countries around the world, communicate their message to stand out and rise above their competition on and offline.

Starting a business from an idea to multi-million dollar globally recognized brand in 2 short years, with a product that encapsulated the ability to influence mindset, impacting the lives of over a quarter of a million people, in more than 16 countries, is something I am proud of.

Today I run a 6 figure digital agency helping entrepreneurs break through the challenges of business, mindset and growing sales.

I’m available for partnerships on growing your brand online, strategic eCommerce, sales, for speaking and media engagements. You can connect with me on Linkedin or Facebook @thesueprentice, I look forward to connecting with you.

Hayley Gollege

Hayley is a life designer and founder of Bloomprint Life Design which she developed after she took a leap out of the government health sector. She has a background and 16 years’ experience in mental health, occupational therapy and psychotherapy. Her business Bloomprint Life Design is a personal growth & lifestyle design business; a source of knowledge and inspiration on changing the way you engage with life. It is for the courageous, those that love to dream big, and those who want more from life. It is for those who are smart, curious, and conscious, with an open mind, a love for learning, and a deep desire to live a connected, happy and vibrant life. In short, Bloomprint Life Design is for those who want to live life by their design, not someone else’s.

Through her individual work, online blog, programs and tools, Hayley inspires people around the globe to step up and have the courage to take ownership of their life; to show up each day and take purposeful and committed action; and to ultimately design the life they want to live while of course celebrating and having fun along the way.

Sara Marsden-Shreeve

Sara is an Holistic Image Consultant, Coach and Body Positive Advocate who teaches women how to bridge the confusing gap between Mind, Body and Wardrobe. You can learn to rock what you’ve already got and wear your happy.

Amy Taylor Kabbaz

As a producer with more than 15 years experience at the ABC, Amy brings the research and dedication of a journalist to the passion of an anthropologist and coach. Since 2013, she has trained as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Post-Natal Yoga teacher, and Meditation facilitator. With an Honours Degree in International Studies and a Graduate Certificate in International Development focusing on empowering women in the developing world, She has always been focused on women: why the world views us in a particular way, and what we can do about it.

Mumpreneur Movement Magazine – Relax Into Business

Just like the pressure of being a woman and mother in today’s society, there is equally just as much pressure, expectation, and judgment of being an entrepreneur.

We are bombarded daily about how we should sell, hustle, and push, push, push. I believe a lot of the structures we are taught are very masculine and for many women who follow these formulas lead to burnout. This non-stop go, go, go attitude alongside being a mother, wife, lover, friend, employee, and so on can be overwhelming.

This issue is all about how we can slow down, yes! Slow down, find systems to support you and how to truly allow yourself to be you, within your business, and find your way.


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