Self Love For Beginners

Self Love For Beginners

Self-love is more than bubble baths & pedicures, it goes beyond the surface or the physical and goes to where your soul is, to where your essence is connected to this world through your heart.

Here are some ways you can grow your self-love:

  1. Talking your truth lovingly
  2. Expressing your emotions lovingly, even if it is uncomfortable or creates a reaction in someone else (someone’s reaction is not your responsibility)
  3. Giving your body the nurturing rest, exercise & comfort it needs
  4. Wearing clothes that make you feel good.
  5. Making choices that improve your quality of life, 
  6. Using your intuition to listen to what foods make your body feel good
  7. Getting/better quality sleep.
  8. Creating experiences where you feel good doing something for yourself by yourself such as walking, meditating, yoga, dancing,
  9. Touch yourself with reverence and love
  10. Be your own best friend
  11. Become aware of your thoughts and start replacing a negative thought with a positive one
  12. Spending quality, connected & intentional time with yourself
  13. Choosing the environment that you surround yourself with
  14. Taking responsibility for your current issues
  15. Being empowered with one’s life, health, career….
  16. Follow your gut/intuition 
  17. Allow yourself to dream big!! 
  18. Don’t let yourself be limited to what others say you are.
  19. Letting yourself make mistakes 
  20. Is not needing permission or approval from others to be yourself 
  21. Loving and accepting yourself even when we think that we have failed
  22. Self-love is finding that side of the self which has been shut down and allowing it to roam free and shed light into our life.
  23. Bringing sacredness into your every day
  24. Have reverence for the woman you are and the life you have be given
  25. Honouring our needs & desires
  26. Feel your feelings
  27. Hold space for yourself to explore, expand & grow
  28. Be kind & compassion to yourself in all situations
  29. Listen to your soul’s whispers/intuition
Invest in yourself and your business to grow your income

Invest in yourself and your business to grow your income

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When it comes to running a business there are many things that we strive for and aim towards as goals. One of the main ones is to create a high income from the business. Really, making money is one of the main reasons that a person goes into business. However in order to grow your income you need to do more than just sell a product or provide a service. Growing your income can take time and one of the most important things you can do to help with this process is investing. 

I am not talking about investing large amounts of money into the business (although in some circumstances this can help a lot). I am talking about investing in yourself and investing in your business.

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself is the first step towards a successful business. When you invest in something, you expect a return from that investment right? Well the same system applies when you invest in yourself. If you are investing in yourself it means that you are going to expect a successful return from yourself. It helps to push you past your boundaries and make things happen. 

When investing in yourself it means that you are putting a wager on yourself. You are giving yourself a reason to push forward and to create success.

How do I invest in myself?

There are a number of different ways in which you can invest in yourself and help you to create success within yourself and your business. You can use your spare time to read books or blogs or listen to podcasts that are going to help you within your business. A way to learn new aspects of business  that you can then take back into your own business and use them. The same goes with going to events or listening to speaker who can assist with growing your business. 

Your knowledge of wealth will not only help to grow you as a person but it will also help to grow your business and to grow your income. 

Another way to invest in yourself is by investing in your future, whether it is by opening up a savings account or term deposit or by signing up for a course or a degree. By doing either of these you are looking into your future and looking for a way to be able to set yourself up in the future. 

Other ways that you can invest in yourself is by hiring a business coach to help you to work out your goals and how to achieve them, investing your time into focusing on your health and well being or by simply giving yourself a break from the business stress and concerns for a few days so that you can relax and come back fresh. 

How does this help to grow the income of my business?

Investing in yourself helps to grow the income of your business because it is helping to grow the person behind the business. Without you, there would be no business and then there would be income.

Investing in yourself shows that you are confident and driven to make the business work. You are investing not only your money but your time into growing yourself and in turn growing your business.

If you are in a more positive mindset, confident about the things you are doing, confident about the plans forward for the business and in an overall relaxed and focused mindset you are more likely to want to spend time within the business and push yourself to create a positive flow from it. 

When you hear the word invest, chances are the first thing you think of is money. From now on when you hear the word invest look past the financial side of the world and think about how you can invest yourself in order to make something happen. 

The power of a strong willed business owner can be a lot stronger than a large cheque of money. 

Invest in yourself and see the effects take place in and around you and your business.